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Tech Reformers provides Amazon Web Services consulting, services, and training for IT modernization and digital transformation. We focus on the public sector: Education, EdTech, state & local government, and non-profits that work with them. We center our work around the AWS Well-Architected pillars: security, reliability, performance efficiency, cost optimization, and sustainability.

John Krull, Founder and President, is a Trainer and Consultant for Tech Reformers. He is the former CIO at Seattle Public Schools and CTO at Oakland Unified School District. Prior to leading school system technology, John worked at Microsoft and various startups implementing web and video technologies. John began his career as a teacher.

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John Krull

Katherine Adraktas is the Training Coordinator and Curriculum Developer for Tech Reformers. Katherine has many years of experience as a trainer and training leader. She founded Capitol Training in Sacramento, gaining valuable experience working with public sector agencies.

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Bill Baig is the Senior Cloud Architect, Consultant, & Principal Trainer with Tech Reformers. Bill has a strong focus on cybersecurity and is a Cybersecurity Architect in the financial industry. Bill is also a University Professor.

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Gil Echeverria is a project manager with Tech Reformers. He is a consultant with broad skills and experience in IT Program/Project Management, Process Improvement, Operational Excellence/Lean Six Sigma, System Design & Implementation, and Business Analysis.

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Mohammad Espahrom is a Consultant and Instructor with Tech Reformers. He brings years of experience as a trainer, cybersecurity consultant, and Microsoft infrastructure specialist.

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Mohammad Espahrom

Edio Garcia is an Account Executive and Client Success Manager with Tech Reformers. Edio prides himself on customer satisfaction and ensures that any issues are resolved.

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Chris LaCour is a Solutions Architect and Cloud Consultant with Tech Reformers. Chris is AWS Certified Architect Professional. He is responsible for designing cloud architecture to meet client application and security requirements and consultation services for migrating on-premises systems to a cloud infrastructure.

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Tasha Penwell is an AWS Authorized Instructor and Writer for Tech Reformers. Tasha has, for ten years, cultivated the merger of cloud technology and education, focusing on Teaching and Learning. She is the founder of Bytes and Bits, serving rural areas in Ohio and West Virginia. She is also the founder and content creator for Pretty Nerdy Social Media Marketing.

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Patrick Simon is a Digital Transformation and Solutions Architect with a primary focus on Public Sector Risk-Cyber -Privacy-Resilience solutions. Patrick helps develop a digital strategy based on real-time monitoring and improvement. Expertise is centered around the NIST framework and standards.

Patrick Simon

For more information, contact Tech Reformers via email at [email protected].