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Digital Transformation meets campus security. So simplify campus security and access control with integrated technology that eliminates IT maintenance, servers, DVR’s, and siloed technologies in favor of a low-bandwidth camera & cloud solutions.

Tech Reformers partners with Verkada to instantly strengthen campus security infrastructure across district sites.

Verkada’s intelligent, plug-and-play video security system makes it simple to scale cameras and improve visibility across districts of any size.

Vekada also provides Access Control to integrate video security with security of school entrances and exits. Therefore, Verkada offers an integrated campus security solution that is not only safer but also easier to manage. Ability to work with existing electrified door and access pads, Vekada will replace all existing servers and equipment if favor of the same cloud application that controls the camera.

Welcome guests with Envoy, the beautifully simple visitor management solution that keeps your schools and saves your staff time.

Strengthen your school campus security with Envoy. Your school office is the first line of defense against unwanted intruders. Envoy protects your staff, students, and property so you can welcome visitors with confidence.

Keep your workplace safe See exactly who’s visiting your offices, when, and why. Know instantly if a visitor doesn’t meet your criteria for entry, and promote a healthy workplace with a touchless sign-in.

Wow visitors with a seamless iPad sign-in, and survey them before and afterwards about their experiences. Use school or district logos. Detailed logs enable audits of who has entered and when.

In conclusion, a security camera and access control system with a robust visitor management system enables the district and its schools to have a complete campus security systems.

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Protect your students and staff with state-of-the-art solutions from Tech Reformers.
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