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The Cybersecurity Collaborative is a private community where CTO’s, CIO’s, and CISO’s can vet, validate and verify their thoughts and ideas. Member have access to cybersecurity resources including policies, practices, and procedures. Experts address members’ concerns and challenges of current and future cyber threats. Members have access to the latest cyber defense knowledge, insights and expertise via unprecedented access to top CISOs and heads of privacy and risk.

The Cybersecurity Collaborative is singularly focused on one thing: the facilitation of a collaborative forum so like-minded individuals can openly share information. The collaborative will collectively make them stronger, and better equipped to protect their districts and organizations from those seeking to damage them. Created purposely without a larger corporate partnership or agenda, it offers complete independence from any corporate priorities like data use or product development. 

  • Powered by passion to improve all CISO’s, CIO’s, and CTO’s
  • A safe haven for all of data
  • A source of strength for the Cybersecurity community
  • A confidential place where organizations can share skills and experiences
  • A catalyst for peers of CISOs working with their peers in the community


  • Q & A calls with Cybersecurity leaders – These two hour calls will address the specific issues facing Educational Institutions by providing them access to Subject Matter Experts from our CISO experts that focus on one of these topics every day. 
  • Crowd Sourcing– Immediately following the Q&A Calls with a Subject Matter Expert, we will provide a private, confidential discussion portal for a deeper dive on today’s topic. This portal will allow you to engage with your peers on specific topics you face and find solutions to real-time challenges.
  • Morning Security Report – Top-hitting security news articles delivered daily at 3:30am Pacific. This continues to save our members from the expensive and time-consuming fire drills that happen when they are caught off guard by their executives.
  • Cybersecurity Webinars – Monthly presentations by industry experts on critical cybersecurity issues, vetted and approved by our CISO Leadership Council. These insights enable our members to lower their expenses with consultants and leverage their peers’ experiences.
  • The Professional Development Academy’s Enterprise Cybersecurity Leadership program – This program is developed to Make Leaders Better. This executive program was created in direct partnership with General Colin Powell (former Secretary of State and Chairman, Joint Chiefs of Staff), Marshall Goldsmith (considered the world’s #1 executive coach), and 150+ industry-leading executives. See program flyer.


“If I could have had access to this type of insight and guidance when I was a K12 technology leader, it would have been a very worthwhile investment.”

Susan Bearden, CETL, Chief Innovation Officer, Consortium School Networking (CoSN)

“ This is an extremely cost-effective way for our CoSN members to stay current on all the ransomware issues and get answers from IT experts that fight these attackers everyday”

Keith Krueger, CAE, CEO,  CoSN – Consortium for School Networking

“We have been working with a dozen members of the Cybersecurity Collaborative to understand the best practices they use so we can quickly implement a successful vendor risk management program.  We don’t have the budget that would have allowed us to do this with outside consultants and even if we did,  we wouldn’t have received the same level of insights and guidance we obtained from our peers in such a timely manner.”

Annette Harris, Assistant Director Infrastructure Services- Information Technology, Jefferson County Public Schools

“Although I only joined the Collaborative a few weeks ago, it has already more than paid for itself.  The Collaborative helps me make better decisions for our school district, and provides me with all the supporting cyber policies, practices, and procedures we need.  The handbook was especially helpful in guiding us on how to effectively implement practices for securing our network and staff devices.   Don’t hesitate to join, it’s one of the best cyber related decisions I have made for our district.”

Jeremy Wickham, North Shore School District 112

Education Institution Licensing Options

Sole Security Practitioner Community Level Service
Single License for one IT personUp to 6 Licenses
Virtual Q and A with member security experts, vetted responses to ensure security best practices
the nation’s leading CISOs
Each participant receives the same services as the sole practitioner license PLUS…
Private Portal for immediate access to implementation guides, checklists and guidance documents curated fromOne Complementary Scholarship to the Enterprise Cyber Leadership Academy
($1,995 Value)
•Morning Security Report
•Free Registration at 2021 Info Sec World online ($3,995 value – see 2020 program

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