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Information Management, Disaster Recovery, & Data

Enterprise Content Management and Business Process Automation

Tech Reformers delivers Enterprise Content Management, Collaboration, Process Automation, Records Management, and Archiving in the cloud with our TR | Information Management Solution. Tech Reformers is an OpenText Silver Partner and Microsoft Partner to be your trusted partner for enterprise content management from capture to archive and disposition.

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Recent events have made it clear that collaboration, enterprise content management, and processes need to be digital, efficient, reportable, and accessible. Therefore, Tech Reformers offers consulting, solutions, management, and cloud hosting for Digital Transformation to meet school districts’ strategic goals. We help manage digital assets and build workflows to automate tasks. We work with you in order for you to get the most out of your existing software investments by integrating with Microsoft 365. We help with both refining requirements and providing solutions from OpenText. Contact us for a demo of

TR | Information Management.

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As a Microsoft Certified Partner, we can help you get the most of Microsoft 365 and Microsoft Teams for collaboration and content management

Whether you use M365 alone or with OpenText, we help you ensure compliance while meeting your information management goals.

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AWS as a data solution

Tech Reformers also helps you leverage AWS. We recommend AWS for backup, disaster recovery, and database hosting.

Tech Reformers’ professional services include:

  • Program/Project planning, execution & delivery
  • Stakeholder engagement
  • Requirement gathering
  • Process/service assessment & improvement – Lean Six Sigma
  • System / Application design / MVP definition
  • Implementation, and
  • Data analytics/insights

Detailed services:

  • Improve services or processes: stakeholder satisfaction, engagement, , efficiency and scalability
  • Design, plan and implement/deploy programs, projects, or initiatives including content capture, enterprise-wide governance, integration, compliance, regulatory & legal, and disposition.
  • Develop and implement project reviews, catalog, roadmap, prioritization, and alignment to the strategic plan
  • Lead process/service delivery assessment and improvement: re-design, transform
  • Lead departments to improve services, increase capacity, and engagement
  • Develop, improve and implement systems of accountability
  • Develop, and deploy a service improvement cycle based on stakeholder feedback and performance metrics
  • Develop data analytics, data governance, and data accuracy
  • Train, and coach staff in content management, process improvement, project management, and operational excellence

Not sure where to begin? Start with consulting and an assessment.

Connect with us about your challenges and goals

Process Workflow automation
Tech Reforms helps with Process Improvement as part of district Digital Transformation.
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