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Tech Reformers helps lead Cloud Transformation for K-12 schools and districts. IT transformation requires investigating the benefits of the cloud. So, as Microsoft, AWS, VMware, Cisco, and Lenovo partners, we can help you move to the cloud with our cloud adoption consulting, products, and services. Whether hybrid- or multi-cloud solutions, the cloud can improve resilience, scale, capability, and value. Not sure? Read, “K-12, Up in the Air about Cloud?” You can then start with our IT & EdTech assessment.

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We offer Managed Services that allow IT to offer more without overburdening staff or requiring capital outlay. Just released, TR | AppStream, provides application delivery to Chromebooks or any device unable to handle the power or bandwidth required by design, video, engineering, and computer science applications. Now all students, any time and anywhere, can access, for example, Adobe Creative Cloud, AutoDesk Inventor, and Project Lead the Way programs, no matter what device they have. Check out our demo.

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Our cloud-based solution, TR | Information Management, delivers digital transformation services from OpenText and Microsoft. District staff can digitize, automate, and manage information securely and efficiently without capital investment and staff additions. Read more about OpenText in K-12.

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Tech Reformers, an AWS partner, can help with Digital Transformation on AWS. Read more about the benefits of AWS services. Common scenarios include back-up and disaster recovery, VMware and Windows hybrid environment, streaming desktop applications to Chromebooks, hosted Enterprise Content Management with OpenText xECM and Microsoft 365.

Tech Reformers can help with Digital Transformation on Microsoft platforms. As a Certified Partner, we can help you get the most of Microsoft 365 and Teams. We can help leverage Azure to optimize operations. Common scenarios include adding Azure Active Directory, backup and disaster recovery, server migration, and scaling Teams.

Extend existing IT investments and create efficiencies that recover the budget for innovation. Adapt faster and deliver quality education for all. VMware in your local data center can extend to the cloud simplifying IT complexity. With many districts running a VMware for years, it makes sense to investigate leveraging that investment to extend to the cloud whether to add new services or extend existing infrastructure for resilience and disaster recovery.

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Understanding what’s needed for your organization’s cloud computing infrastructure can be overwhelming if you don’t know where to start. Let Tech Reformers and Lenovo’s cloud computing experts help you define the right cloud solution built for your district. We offer the expertise to design the best hybrid or multi-cloud strategy for your district’s needs.

Storage, Backup, Disaster Recovery in the Cloud

Your infrastructure and cloud journey may need supplementary services and solutions to meet your needs. Tech Reformers can help solve your storage, backup, and disaster recovery challenges.

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StorONE is software storage management that works can be bundled with Dell, HPE, Intel, Seagate, and Super Micro storage appliances or your own legacy or JBOD array. They rewrote key storage algorithms to deliver better storage capabilities while requiring substantially less hardware. The result is a better storage environment that costs less, improves data integrity, and accelerates performance. With StorONE’s Enterprise Storage Platform, you can start small, solving today’s problems while laying the foundation for a complete storage consolidation strategy on-site and in the cloud..

Unitrends introduces backup appliances and cloud data protection that leverage cutting-edge technology to automate manual tasks, eliminate management complexity, and deliver tested hardware and software resilience. Unitrends all-in-one backup appliances install in minutes and set the industry standard for simplicity and ease of use. Next-generation technologies – self-healing hardware and software, advanced machine learning, and predictive analytics — proactively identify and resolve hardware, software, and malware issues before they happen.

If you would like Tech Reformers to co-manage your Backup, Continuity, and Disaster Recovery strategy and operations, Datto is a great choice. As a world’s leading provider of cloud-based software and security solutions, Datto’s proven Unified Backup, Continuity, Networking, and Disaster Recovery solutions drive cyber resilience, efficiency, and peace of mind. Don’t risk your infrastructure to outages and be ensured that you’re ready when disaster hits. Whether its VMware hosts or bare metal, Datto will give you bootable cloud backups that bring disaster recovery from hours and days to minutes.

Tech Reformers is a Veeam® partner, the leader in backup software solutions that deliver Cloud Data Management™. Veeam provides a single platform for modernizing backup, accelerating hybrid cloud, and securing your data. Veeam solutions are simple to install and run, flexible enough to fit into any environment, and always reliable whether you’re protecting your VMware or Microsoft 365 environments.

Tech Reformers offers K-12’s cheapest cloud storage solution. Wasabi’s core strengths and differentiators in the cold storage market lie in the platform’s cost, simplicity, and speed. The vendor offers a single storage tier with a single price (e.g. 50 TB @ $3600/yr). This means that districts do not have to manage ingress/egress fees or additional costs for data access. Pair Wasabi with your exiting backup solution or one of ours.

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Tech Reformers helps districts secure G-Suite & Microsoft 365 with added cybersecurity. Although G-Suite and Microsoft 365 are inherently secure, best practice requires backup to prevent unwanted data loss. In short, G-Suite and M365 need added cybersecurity provided by SysCloud. Tech Reformers partners with SysCloud to provide K-12-focused G-Suite and Microsoft 365 backup and file security.

Tech Reformers can be your trusted advisor when you are planning to strengthen your infrastructure and adopt the cloud. We’d love to hear about your challenges and goals.

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