AWS Migration Acceleration Program

How it works

Step 1: Assess your readiness

The migration readiness assessment helps you identify gaps along the six dimensions of the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework – business, process, people, platform, operations, and security. This assessment enables you to identify the capabilities required in the migration and build a TCO model for your migration project.

Step 2: Mobilize your resources

The mobilize phase helps you build an operational foundation for your migration, with the goal of fixing the capability gaps identified in the assessment phase. The mobilize phase accelerates your migration decisions by providing clear guidance on migration plans that improve the success of your migration.

Step 3: Migrate and modernize your workloads

Execute large-scale migrations of servers, applications, data centers, and databases with MAP for VMware and Windows.

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Tech Reformers has access to funds and credits to make your migration cost-effective.


Migrate with AWS

A collection of best practices, resources, and solutions to help you navigate migration with AWS.

AWS Application Migration Service

AWS Application Migration Service allows you to quickly realize the benefits of migrating applications to the cloud without changes and with minimal downtime.

Migration Evaluator

Migration Evaluator quickly provides you with a business case to make sound AWS planning and migration decisions.

AWS Migration Hub

AWS Migration Hub provides a single location for you to track the progress of application migrations across multiple AWS and partner solutions. 

AWS Database Migration Service

AWS Database Migration Service helps you migrate databases to AWS quickly and securely