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Migration Evaluator and Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA)

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Are you considering the cloud as a way to optimize the costs of your IT – including by migrating VMware and Microsoft workloads to AWS? Are you fast-tracking your digital transformation initiatives?

The importance of licensing

Understanding licensing costs is one of the biggest challenges in your customers’ migrations, but many are overlooking the importance of a thorough licensing assessment


55% of businesses rank understanding licensing costs as the biggest software-related challenge in the cloud.

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The total cost of a company’s licenses can be up to three times the cost of running the same workload on AWS cloud.

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Customers that run a Migration Evaluator / OLA are 58% more likely to start a migration – and start their migrations 34% faster.

AWS Migration

Drive true modernization by migrating your VMware and Microsoft workloads to AWS, with efficiency and cost savings from the start, thanks to the Migration Evaluator / OLA.

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Do you want to get your FREE Migration Evaluation?

With the Migration Evaluator / OLA, we evaluate your Windows and Microsoft workload environments and suggest how you can migrate and optimize your current on-premises workload to AWS, with reduced costs and tailored resources. Tech Reformers offers this 2-week engagement at no-cost.

What is the Migration Evaluator / OLA?

The Migration Evaluator / OLA from Tech Reformers allows organizations to evaluate cost vs. usage before migration begins. It allows new and existing AWS customers to assess and optimize current on-premises and cloud environments based on:

Bringing benefits before migration begins

Reduce licensing entitlements by 36%.

Rightsize your resource

Save 77% on Windows Server licensing.

Reduce cost

Explore Flexible Licensing Options.

Find Licensing Bargains

How it works

Assess the consumption, cost, and provisioning of your Windows workloads on-premises and in AWS.

Migration Evaluator and Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA)


Step 1: Data collection

A comprehensive look at the customer’s environment and infrastructure using AWS discovery tools and existing customer data.

Step 2: Perform analytics and create cost models

In-depth analysis of the IT estate with recommendations built from actual compute needs, third-party license understandings, and customer objectives.

Step 3: Results deck created

A digestible deck giving customers the full picture of their Migration Evaluator / OLA results.


Step 4: Drive and accelerate migrations

A targeted migration strategy built from the Migration Evaluator / OLA reports.

This is only the beginning…

The Migration Evaluator / OLA is only the first step on your migration journey, but it’s arguably the most important. You can succeed in the long run by partnering with Tech Reformers for your journey.


Migration tailored to you, guided by Tech Reformers

By partnering with us for your AWS migration, you won’t only benefit from the deep insights and tailored business case achieved by the Migrartion Evaluator / OLA. You’ll also receive the best-in-class end-to-end migration services that you’ve come to expect from Tech Reformers and AWS.

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