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As the longest-standing cloud provider with the experience in helping VMware customers at scale, AWS offers proven options for migration and modernization to simplify your transition to the cloud. Explore our purpose-built services, programs and incentives to migrate VMware workloads, modernize to containers and serverless or move to managed services.

Leverage AWS’s complimentary assessments, purpose-built tooling, professional services, and certified partners to streamline your migration and modernization journey, ensuring a smooth transition to the cloud.

Get started with a VMware Migration Assessment

Experience increased scalability, enhanced security, and improved performance with AWS’s extensive global infrastructure, unmatched reliability, and broad set of security services.

Modernize your development, operations, applications, and data by leveraging AWS’s extensive portfolio of over 200 services.

Assess and optimize licensing and infrastructure to lower costs, eliminate overprovisioning, and break free from the upgrade and refresh cycle.

Migration and modernization pathways to AWS


Lift and shift your applications from your source environment to the AWS Cloud without making any changes to the application using AWS Application Migration Service and prescriptive guided journeys with AWS Migration Hub. Learn more.

Modernize applications by switching to AWS managed services such as Amazon RDS, Amazon ECS/EKS, and Directory Servi

Take advantage of cloud-native features to improve agility, performance, and scalability using serverless services of AWS Lambda.

How Tech Reformers can help you in your migration journey

Leverage Tech Reformers’ complimentary Migration Evaluator and Optimization and Licensing Assessment (OLA)

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Work with Tech Reformers to stand up a proof of concept (PoC) in the AWS cloud.

Use Elastic Disaster Recovery Service to create real-time backups. Then, migrate to your recovery point.

The MAP program supports your migration through comprehensive tooling, services, guidance, training, and financial incentives.

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AWS Migration Hub delivers a guided end-to-end migration and modernization journey through discovery, assessment, planning, and execution.

AWS Application Migration Service minimizes time-intensive, error-prone manual processes by automating the conversion of your source servers to run natively on AWS. 

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