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AWS Skill Builder Team

Customers use Skill Builder for teams to upskill and innovate

Engage your staff with expansive and immersive training and create a culture of continuous learning. Unlock the full value of AWS with a variety of interactive learning experiences spanning technical domains, roles, and skill levels. Help your teams build practical skills and cloud expertise critical to your organization.

Introduction to Digital Classroom (<2 min.)

Build cloud skills at scale with these features

image of administrative features dashboard available with AWS Skill Builder Team subscription

Drive cloud training with an administrative dashboard

Develop the cloud skills you need to meet demands specific to your business by assigning training and curated learning. An administrator dashboard and comprehensive reporting provide visibility into skills progress across your teams.

laptop screen displaying AWS Builder Labs dashboard available with AWS Skill Builder Team subscription

Learn by doing with the Digital Classroom

Teams gain hands-on skills by building and implementing AWS solutions through guided step-by-step instructions. Develop and apply practical skills with common cloud scenarios in a live AWS Management Console environment without risk of unanticipated expenses.

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A person playing AWS Cloud Quest on a laptop

Develop role expertise with AWS Cloud Quest

Using interactive 3D virtual environments and simulations, teams address real-world scenarios for common cloud roles such as Solutions Architect and Serverless Developer. Accelerate problem-solving cloud skills in a game-based experience.

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Laptop screen mockup

Dive deep with Industry Quest

Teams learn to build solutions for your industry’s most common challenges, then apply their new skills to their work. 30 solution-building assignments are available for Financial Services and Healthcare, with more industries to come.

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A laptop screen displaying AWS Jam on AWS Skill Builder Team subscription

Put skills to the test with AWS Jam

Offer new ways to develop and verify expertise. With AWS Jam events, your team collaborates and competes to solve open-ended challenges and foster shared learning, creativity, and trust. Learners can also work independently to solve challenges with AWS Jam Journey.

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Team subscriptions start at a list price of $449 USD/learner/year, with a minimum of 5 users; volume discounts are available. Tech Reformers offers a 10% discount to new customers who sign up online.

Want to train fewer than five employees?

Check out AWS Individual subscription or free digital training.