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Webinar: Business Continuity: Today, Tomorrow and Beyond

Watch our recent webinar. you will learn: The latest risks to Business Continuity affecting school districts; How to keep SaaS and servers nearly always available; How to protect against data loss with immutable and virtualized backups; and How to build confidence with your stakeholders that you are leading Digital Transformation.

Services and Solutions for K-12 Digital Transformation


We provide Information Technology (IT) and Education Technology (EdTech) assessments. With an equity lens, we can lead Technology Planning from the classroom to the boardroom. We will be your CIO or CTO partner.


Our services will enable you to effectively measure, manage and remediate risks based on established security and risk frameworks (e.g. NIST). Measure, prevent, and train for security and privacy to meet audit standards.

Campus Security

Digital Transformation meets campus security. Simplify video security and access control with integrated technology that eliminates IT maintenance, servers, and DVR's in favor of a low-bandwidth camera & cloud solution.


We help the cloud migration of your infrastructure. As Microsoft & AWS partners, we can help you move to the cloud offering both hybrid- and multi-cloud solutions to improve resilience, scale, capability, and value.

Process Improvement

Streamline processes by assessing workflows and mapping process with stakeholders. Design new, integrated digital processes with automation. We enable Digital Transformation with integrated systems and cloud technologies.

Communication & Collaboration

We help improve staff and student collaboration with partner solutions. Improve communication & collaboration. We help optimize stakeholder engagement whether messaging, web, or social media across ability, culture, and language.

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