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Latest news from Tech Reformers

Amazon WorkDocs home page

Amazon WorkDocs Woes: AWS to Shutter Service

WorkDocs end of support coming I logged into an AWS account early this week, ready to review the Amazon WorkDocs service and train a customer. However, an unwelcome notification greeted me at the top of the WorkDocs console. Support is ending in April 2025. That is, the service will no…

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AWS Public Sector Immersion Day in Seattle on May 2 at the AWS Skills Center

Public Sector Immersion Day at AWS Skills Center

On May 2nd, Tech Reformers and AWS hosted a Public Sector Immersion Day at the AWS Skills Center in Seattle. The audience that filled two adjoining classrooms included representatives from school districts, a conservation district, a public utility, a city, and others from EdTech and commercial sectors. They all came…

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SFTP with AWS Transfer Family

SFTP on AWS benefits with AWS Transfer Family

Organizations need efficient and secure file transfer methods. They can reap the benefits of SFTP on AWS. AWS Transfer Family offers a robust solution for managing file transfers using various protocols, including SFTP (SSH File Transfer Protocol). This service simplifies the setup and management of file transfers, providing numerous benefits…

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VPN Ban in Russia

Russia’s Total VPN Ban

As of March 1st, Russia has implemented a ban on VPN services, marking a significant step in its ongoing efforts to regulate access to information and increase surveillance. This move has raised concerns not only for Russian citizens but also for US businesses operating in or dealing with Russia. For…

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Running stride graphic

Using Threat Modelling in AWS – STRIDE

In the ever-evolving landscape of cloud computing, security remains a top priority for organizations. Threat modeling is a crucial step in identifying and mitigating potential security risks. One popular framework for threat modeling is the STRIDE model, developed by Microsoft. Let’s explore how the STRIDE model can help enhance the…

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Backup and Migration of VMware with AWS

VMware Disaster Recovery and Migration with AWS

When customers running VMware on-prem consider the cloud for backup or even migration, they sometimes want to stay on their current hypervisor. Organizations stay with VMware because of their skillset and familiarity or they need to move quickly with what they have. They have a challenge. They need to find…

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Free Downloads from s3

K-12, Save with the AWS Data Egress Waiver

At Tech Reformers, we know how critical technology is in today’s K-12 educational environment. Schools and districts are continually seeking ways to enhance learning, support teachers, and improve overall operations. But budget concerns are always an issue. I have some good news. Amazon Web Services (AWS) is now offering its…

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YouTube Screenshot: What is AWS?

AWS: A Game-Changer for Cloud Computing

🌍 If you’ve been seeking a simplified intoduction into the world of cloud computing, you’re in the right place. I’ve been down this road, and my experience with Amazon Web Services (AWS) has truly been a transformative journey into the cloud 🎈 WHAT Exactly is AWS? Starting with the essential…

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serverless architecture

The Serverless Surge: AWS Leading the Charge

The serverless paradigm, once a promising glimpse into the future of cloud computing, has now comfortably taken its seat at the tech table. Datadog’s ‘State of Serverless 2023‘ report affirms this by highlighting the impressive growth in serverless ecosystems, especially with the advent of container-based applications. What is Serverless? When…

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