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  • When I opened my K-12 technology practice, Tech Reformers, in 2019, I was coming off nearly 10 years as the technology leader at three large urban districts: Fremont and Oakland, and Seattle. I left Seattle near the end of 2019. Four months later, COVID hit.  In many ways, I still think of myself as a school […]
  • Moving your website to AWS is great option for more control. The post Hosting your website on AWS appeared first on John Krull.
  • Three years into its digital modernization efforts, the City of Seattle figured the city’s employees were ready to embrace the cloud. They are undergoing a Digital Transformation that begins with a digital workforce leveraging the cloud. They’ve embraced Office 365 and SharePoint, but, in my opinion, the skyrocketing use of email shows they need to […]
  • I founded Tech Reformers, LLC a year ago to work as a technology consultant for K-12 school districts. The consulting work has been focused on examining District's IT and EdTech infrastructure and operations. The post Tech Reformers appeared first on John Krull.
  • Microsoft recently published this infographic with examples for securing Azure, but these are best practices that apply to any infrastructure. To Strengthen Access Control, the single most important practice to improve security is to implement multifactor authentication (MFA). Requiring users, especially administrators to use a phone to verify the login goes a long way to […]
  • Download your own PDF with live links. The post Infographic: Levels of Digital Collaboration appeared first on John Krull.

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