• Using Flipgrid from Microsoft in the classroom is easy. I had longed for a tool that would allow teachers to hear from every student in class – and give them a platform to easily making their thinking visible and better understand where they were in the cycle of learning. Flipgrid is a response system that […]
  • Microsoft recently published this infographic with examples for securing Azure, but these are best practices that apply to any infrastructure. To Strengthen Access Control, the single most important practice to improve security is to implement multifactor authentication (MFA). Requiring users, especially administrators to use a phone to verify the login goes a long way to […]
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  • School District superintendents are rightly worried about the risks involved with staff and students working from home. There were risks, of course, during pre-Covid19 times, but now, without the help of a District network protections like filters, firewalls, and logging and a watchful eye of District IT, students and staff are at an increased risk […]
  • Frank Catalano does a good job showcasing the resources collated by Edsurge, ISTE, CoSN, SETDA, and Digital Promise. The good thing is they put resources in one place so educators can plan strategically. I know a lot of folks are trying to help, but one off suggestions tweeted usually are not that helpful. I hope […]