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Senso – Microsoft Teams filtering

Senso Safeguarding for Microsoft Teams App

Monitor Microsoft Teams’ chats and images sent to identify at risk, vulnerable, inappropriate or off-task user behavior using keyword monitoring and A.I based visual threat detection engine.

Monitor Microsoft Teams Chat


Senso’s student safety cloud software unobtrusively integrates with Microsoft Teams chat (with an embedded app), giving staff access to alerts through the Teams app or within the safeguarding logs within the Senso platform.


Senso will monitor chat messages and inspect images for visual threats using Senso’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and keyword algorithms that are focused on user safety, then raise an alert with the option to email an alert when a violation is detected.

Safeguarding Data


Gain a clear insight of violations made within Microsoft Teams chat. Graphs and statistics help to breakdown the number of violations and alerts made over time.

Graphs and statistics help in visualizing violations made, allowing you to react to trends and pinpoint issues before they become a reoccurring problem.

Violations and Reporting


Senso alerts you to users who have sent inappropriate messages or images within Microsoft Teams and logs the date, severity and channel name, so you can manage the situation.


Senso helps in safeguarding staff and students with the ‘report a concern’ feature, allowing users to report anything that has caused them concern directly from Teams.

Agentless Safeguarding Software


Senso’s safeguarding software is agentless, meaning there is no
software to install. It works at school, home or on the go regardless
of the device. I.e. mobile phone and personal devices. Our cloud
based software runs seamlessly within your Teams tenancy with
automatic updates making distance learning safer and more
resilient for the future.

Protect Students and Staff

The Senso Safeguarding for Microsoft Teams App is designed to protect students and staff using the school-provided Microsoft Teams resource by proactively monitoring and indicating to
relevant staff:
The app works by monitoring both channel and private based chats for inappropriate messages or indications of vulnerability, as well as scanning every image sent within a chat for harmful or inappropriate content.
*Users who may be vulnerable or at risk
*sers who may pose a risk to others
*Inappropriate or harmful behavior
Our inbuilt keyword libraries are developed alongside some of the world’s leading safeguarding organizations and are updated twice monthly).

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