Trade organisation promotes OC as clean-tech hub

The companies that collected for a clean-technology discussion offering a kaleidoscope of ideas and ingenuity.

First Element Fuel, a Newport Beach startup, touted a hydrogen car stations for sell customers.

Newlight Technologies, formed in Costa Mesa, showed off a “AirCarbon” chairs and cellphone cases done from recyclable bioplastic.

Ladera Ranch’s EmiSense Technologies, Santa Ana’s MelRok, Costa Mesa’s Biix and Irvine’s Phoenix Energy Technologies were all about creation buildings smarter with energy-efficiency software.

“Orange County is a hub,” Gregory Trimarche, authority of a trade organisation CleanTech OC, told some 200 executives, academics and supervision officials during a annual entertainment and expo in Irvine this month.

His 5-year-old association, that includes scarcely 100 Orange County firms and institutions, denounced a uninformed slogan: “The New Green is Orange.”

Clean tech is a sprawling difficulty encompassing solar, breeze and biofuel firms as good as water-treatment companies, domicile product makers, fuel dungeon and appetite potency program startups.

Trimarche, an Irvine environmental lawyer, and associate profession Mike Levin founded CleanTech OC in 2009, displaying it on identical trade associations in San Diego and Los Angeles. In an interview, Trimarche spoke about his organisation and a industry’s prospects:

Q. Why did we start CleanTech OC?

A. We had been putting on clean-tech conferences during a law firm. We satisfied it done clarity to have a nonprofit trade organisation for Orange County. Our goal is simple. We wish to foster a clean-tech attention in O.C. We wish to assistance early-stage companies get off a ground. We wish to forge partnerships between a open and private sectors. We wish to teach a open about purify tech.

Q. Are we an environmentalist?

A. I’m a large scuba diver, snorkeler and swimmer. When we was a immature law associate, there happened to be work indispensable in a environmental space. we worked on oil refineries, tank farms and, later, on large solar and breeze projects. we worked for developers who were building on infested land, assisting them get a obliged celebration to purify it up. we co-wrote a book on brownfields (polluted sites).

Q. Clean tech got a large boost from President Obama’s 2009 impulse act. What’s happened since?

A. The clean-tech attention has been by ups and down over a final 5 years. In 2009, after Obama took bureau and a impulse was enacted, a outrageous volume of income flowed into immature tech. A lot of private equity, too. It was like a dot-com boom. Then as a retrogression dragged on, purify tech got something of a black eye since of Solyndra and other companies that got supervision income and afterwards went under.

Q. Nationally, clean-tech investment appearance in 2011, afterwards slumped, and is now on a rebound. How is Orange County doing?

9 takeaways from Tech-UNC

1. You could make a box that Georgia Tech’s defensive opening was worse than it was in a Yellow Jackets’ detriment to Clemson in 2012, a final diversion coached by then-coordinator Al Groh’s before his exclusion dual days later.

(The abbreviations are yards per play, points per possession, third and fourth down conversions, plays of 20 yards or more, points per red section trip.)

A flattering poignant disproportion is who was on a field. The 2012 invulnerability had proven veterans like Jeremiah Attaochu, Jemea Thomas, Izaan Cross and Brandon Watts. In fact, 8 starters on that invulnerability opposite Clemson during a slightest done an NFL stay and a other 3 are still during Tech.

This isn’t to contend that 8 or some-more players on Saturday’s starting invulnerability can’t make NFL camps, yet we consider there’s a substantial operation in knowledge and eagerness to minister on this invulnerability that’s tough to recompense for. I’d disagree that a disproportion in “explosion plays” – 20 yards or some-more – suggests that there weren’t a breakdowns Saturday that seemed so common in a 2012 season, nonetheless Tajh Boyd, Sammy Watkins and DeAndre Hopkins did a lot to emanate those breakdowns.

A vital problem Saturday was an inability to make a difference-making play. In a 2012 game, Boyd was sacked 3 times and intercepted twice, for instance. Saturday, UNC quarterback Marquise Williams was intercepted once and was sacked once, and that compulsory Tech rushing six.

In 2012, Clemson had 26 yards for loss. North Carolina had six.The Tar Heels had fumbled 12 times in their initial 6 games, yet Tech didn’t force a singular fumble.

Cornerback D.J. White provides another contrast. It was White who done one of a plays of a deteriorate opposite Virginia Tech with his fourth-quarter interception to put a Jackets in position to win a diversion in a final seconds. Saturday, he was incompetent to make a play on Williams’ 36-yard touchdown pass to far-reaching receiver Mack Hollins on fourth-and-6 in a fourth quarter. White was not helped that Tech’s seven-man pass rush couldn’t get to Williams in time to precipitate him or pierce him out of a pocket.

“I can’t usually censure it on one chairman or a secondary,” linebacker Quayshawn Nealy said. “We’ve got to all cover softened and we’ve got to get vigour on a quarterback. Just got to get softened as a whole defense.”

2. we don’t consider this is awfully surprising. Last year, with a 6 starters on a verge of possibly removing drafted or during slightest removing an NFL stay invite, a Jackets had a invulnerability that specialized in interlude a run (3.57 yards per carry, 11th in a country) and interlude opponents on third down (36.50 percent, 32nd).

There were questions about how this invulnerability would transport with so many unproven players during pivotal spots, utterly along a defensive line. Those questions have apparently proven to be founded. As was witnessed again Saturday, Tech is conjunction interlude a run (5.26, tied for 114th) nor interlude offenses on third down (50, 122nd).

Sacks are not indispensably a best magnitude of a pass rush, yet Tech has 8 of them in 7 games (tied for 115th in a country) and is vouchsafing hostile quarterbacks finish 65.2 percent (tied for 114th) of their passes. The group is averaging 25.9 passes per sack.

“We never unequivocally got any vigour on a guy,” manager Paul Johnson pronounced of Williams, “and never kept him from running, either.”

The normal group – that is, a teams tied for 71st in sacks – has 14 sacks. Think about this: If Tech had gotten dual sacks opposite North Carolina instead of one – it’s utterly probable a Jackets would have won a game.

Part of a problem is that a invulnerability is brief a lot of defensive linemen who were approaching to be on a group this year. Part of it is not carrying brought in or grown softened linemen. Part of it is not carrying softened blitzes or coverages called. Part of it is confronting dual flattering good quarterbacks a past dual games.

But, again, it’s kind of what was in a cards when a group began practicing in July. The weaknesses are throwing up.

I consider defensive finish KeShun Freeman is personification for a first-year beginner and will continue to get better. Everyone on a line solely for Kyle Travis and Shawn Green will be behind subsequent season, and should be improved. The invulnerability sum to move behind 8 starters subsequent year. But that’s where they’re headed, not where they are.

3. Williams was unusual for North Carolina. His line gave him time to chuck and he didn’t miss, completing 38 of 47 passes for 390 yards, adding 73 yards on a ground. His 416 yards of sum offense was eighth best by a Tech opponent. His 38 completions were fifth most.

He put Tech defensive coordinator Ted Roof in a bind. Roof could blitz, yet afterwards Williams could find a checkdown or pitch a round to a flats. He could rush 4 and play section coverage, yet Tech couldn’t get to Williams with four. The coverage seemed softer than you’d want, though. Tech was perplexing to keep him in a pocket, also, that was partly because a rush wasn’t some-more aggressive, defensive tackle Adam Gotsis said.

“It was reduction like removing adult a margin and some-more like perplexing to fist down a slot a bit,” he said. “I suspicion we did a flattering good pursuit of that, yet afterwards that also puts a aria on a secondary. We let him pat a round behind there, he’s going to make throws, and he did.”

4. It should maybe be forked out that a Tech invulnerability wasn’t personification opposite a garland of clowns. A week ago, a Tar Heels averaged 6.1 yards per play and 2.6 points per possession opposite Notre Dame in South Bend, Ind. Saturday night, a same Notre Dame invulnerability hold a fortifying inhabitant champion, in a home stadium, to 5.7 yards per play and 2.8 points per possession.

It could be argued that Notre Dame wasn’t as invested opposite North Carolina as it was opposite Florida State – a Irish faced UNC between Stanford and a Seminoles – yet we don’t consider a Irish played final Saturday’s diversion wearing blindfolds, either. With Williams personification a approach he has a past dual games, a Tar Heels are a flattering manly bunch.

5. After going 0-for-2 on two-point tries Saturday, Tech is now 0-for-4 on a season, after blank dual attempts final Saturday opposite Duke. Opponents are 2-for-4 opposite a Jackets this season.

6. What substantially shouldn’t be abandoned is how good a offense indeed played. The Jackets ran 69 plays and put a round on a belligerent once, a mislaid fail on a initial possession. They averaged 8.9 yards per play, that is flattering staggering. According to a really useful propagandize diversion finder apparatus on, before to this weekend, usually one energy discussion group had averaged some-more than that opposite another power-conference group all deteriorate (UCLA opposite Arizona State, 10.0).

In fact, it was a seventh best single-game yards-per-play normal in a Tech record books, including dual games opposite FCS schools. The offense ran 69 plays and usually got to third down 8 times, and converted 5 of those. (If you’re wondering, until Saturday, third-down plays had been about 18 percent of a team’s sum series of plays. Saturday, they done adult 12 percent.)

The offense averaged 3.9 points per possession (discarding a time-killing possession during a finish of a initial half), a really good number, utterly deliberation a normal starting position was a Tech 24-yard line.

After a mislaid fail on a opening drive, a Jackets scored 6 touchdowns and a margin idea a subsequent 8 times it had a round (not counting a possession during a finish of a initial half).

Granted, North Carolina is apparently not a really good defensive team, yet a Jackets played as good or softened than anyone has this season.

7. A comparison of Tech’s offense with a 2009 offense, both after 7 games, by yards per play, points per play and plays per turnover. (Granted, we consider anybody would contend a report of strength for a 2009 team’s initial 7 games was most worse than a 2014 team’s, yet it substantially isn’t ideal to review a 2009 team’s numbers after a full ACC report and a play game, either.)


8. Wide receiver DeAndre Smelter’s diversion – 3 touches (two catches and a run), 133 yards, dual touchdowns.

9. The Tech group that started 5-0 and a garland that has now mislaid dual in a quarrel – same team. The one that won a initial 5 played obtuse competition, got a integrate breaks and was removing turnovers during a rate that was evidently unsustainable, masking substantial deficiencies.

The group that has mislaid a final dual has played softened competition, hasn’t gotten breaks – or caused a breaks to go opposite themselves –  and has seen a takeaway rate delayed considerably. Tech could be 7-0 with a disproportion of a integrate plays in both of a past dual games, and it could also be maybe 3-4 with a integrate plays a other way.

“It’s disappointing,” Johnson said. “You’re still 5-2, so we can still have a good season. We’re going to have to play better. It’s like we told a guys: We can win a rest of a games, we can remove a rest of a games.”

Saturday’s outcome doesn’t meant a group is doomed, we don’t think. But a Jackets need to figure out a approach to get softened play out of a invulnerability and not let a two-game losing strain impact a essence and eagerness to keep working. It’s one thing to get insane after losing one game. It’s another to serve a same ire after such a tummy punch of a loss.

“We usually can’t let it get to us,” reserve Demond Smith said. “It’s a prolonged season. We’ve got copiousness some-more games. We’ve usually got to keep playing. You never know what happens in a football game.”






Tech firms strive for $11 billion troops medical agreement as deadline looms

As a deadline for bids on a desired Defense Department agreement approaches, teams of record giants — including IBM and Hewlett-Packard, among others — are competing to update a military’s electronic health records.

In a subsequent several months, a Defense Department skeleton to name a group for an up-to-10-year contract, valued during an estimated $11 billion. The awardee would be tasked with revamping a department’s health IT complement — covering some-more than 6 million veterans and 9 million active-duty use members — so that studious annals are simply negotiable between troops diagnosis locations, a Department of Veterans Affairs, and outward health systems. The Department skeleton to start contrast and putting a complement in place over a 2014-2015 mercantile year.

For bidders, a Oct. 31 deadline is a competition to compute their proposals from competitors’.

The Defense Healthcare Management System Modernization agreement — called “dim-sum” — is among a largest some of these companies have pursued. Teams jointly behest embody IBM and Epic; Leidos, Cerner and Accenture Federal Services; Computer Sciences Corp., Hewlett-Packard and AllScripts; PriceWaterhouseCoopers, DSS Inc., MedSphere and General Dynamics Information Technology, among others.

Reston-based invulnerability record executive Leidos, is partnering with Kansas City, Mo.-based health information record association Cerner and Accenture’s sovereign consulting auxiliary to sell a record complement whose biggest strength is a “open-architecture” — program designed to promulgate with existent electronic health record systems, according to a team.

Cerner has set adult some-more than 20 health information exchanges — electronic health record program that bridges manifold health systems — in several states, according to Travis Dalton, Cerner’s clamp boss and ubiquitous manager of federal.

“That tool-set will concede us to bond these entities,” yet during a most incomparable scale, Dalton said. Once a electronic health record complement is seamlessly connected, a group skeleton to use an analytics complement to accumulate information on studious treatment, so that a Defense Department can urge how diagnosis is delivered, combined Jim Traficant, handling executive of Accenture Federal Services.

Verona, Wis.-based Epic, operative in partnership with IBM, sees a existent patron bottom as a categorical advantage, according to Leslie Karls, sales executive during Epic. The dual companies are proposing Epic’s MyChart studious record complement — already in some-more than 300 sanatorium systems national — to a Defense Department. IBM skeleton to rise interrelated program for MyChart.

“We [already] do a scheduling, a registration, and, in a blurb sector, we do a billing,” Leslie said.

Though IBM has been aggressively selling a cognitive computing complement Watson to medical clients — generally “treatment adviser” applications that break vast volumes of studious data, suggesting treatments statistically expected to attain — Watson will not figure prominently in a team’s initial proposal, pronounced Andy Maner, IBM’s handling partner of sovereign business.

“We’re going to bid what a supervision asks for . . . right now they’re seeking for an implemented [system]. We trust down a highway [we can provide] technologies that can change a game.”

PriceWaterhouseCoopers’ team, that includes Fairfax-based executive General Dynamics Information Technology, is proposing an electronic health record complement that emphasizes “secure entrance to studious annals from any plcae or device,” Scott McIntyre, PwC’s United States open zone leader, pronounced in a statement.

The due system, now operational in some-more than 2,000 studious locations, can be simply modified, according to a team, “without a need to be being ‘locked in’ to one technology,” Kelly Barnes, PwC’s United States health industries leader, pronounced in a statement.

The Defense Department has so distant opted to appeal blurb software, instead of building a own, “it became straightforwardly apparent that a really energetic and colourful marketplace for medical government program systems already existed,” invulnerability dialect mouthpiece Maureen Schumann pronounced in a statement.

Report: Leading Texas Tech WR Jakeem Grant concerned in off-campus sharpened …

Texas Tech’s Jakeem Grant gets past Kansas’ Greg Allen (22) and Cassius Sendish (33) during a NCAA college football diversion in Lubbock, Texas, Saturday, Oct. 18, 2014. (AP Photo/Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Tori Eichberger)

Texas Tech far-reaching receiver Jakeem Grant was hospitalized early Sunday morning after an off-campus incident, where military contend some-more than 20 rounds were dismissed and a youth suffered a laceration, according to a news by a Lubbock Avalanche-Journal.

The Lubbock Count Sheriff’s Office is statute Grant’s damage as a probable stabbing, according to a report. The occurrence reportedly occurred during El Fronterizo, an eventuality core in south Lubbock County.

The far-reaching receiver from Mesquite Horn was hospitalized though expelled after Sunday and is “doing well,” Texas Tech orator Blayne Beal told a Avalanche-Journal.

KCBD-TV Channel 11 in Lubbock reported a Texas Tech alumni organisation rented out a facility.

“Tech has reliable that it was one of their football players, though his involvement, we don’t know,” LT. Bryan Taylor told a newspaper. “I don’t know if he was concerned in a rumpus or if he only held partial of a assault. It’s my bargain that he had a laceration, so it might have been a blade wound. … Anytime we have that many shots fired, people are going to scatter. we don’t know what caused his laceration.”

Grant is Texas Tech’s heading receiver with 50 catches for 629 yards. His 5 receiving touchdowns are tied for second on a team.

Texas Tech officials are reportedly entertainment some-more information, and Beal told a journal that he is unknowingly of how a damage will impact Grant’s purpose with a team.

A second chairman was harmed with non life-threatening injuries, and no arrests have nonetheless been made, Taylor told a newspaper.

Click here to perspective a report.


Texas Tech WR Jakeem Grant out of sanatorium and 'doing well' after incident

Texas Tech WR Jakeem Grant was taken to a sanatorium early Sunday morning after an occurrence during a celebration off campus.

A Texas Tech orator sent a following in a content message to

“We are wakeful of an occurrence that occurred final night and are entertainment facts. Jakeem is no longer in a sanatorium and is doing well.”

Per a Lubbock Avalanche-Journal, Grant was concerned in an occurrence during a venue in Lubbock.

“Tech has reliable that it was one of their football players, though his involvement, we don’t know,” Lt. Bryan Taylor, a orator for a Lubbock County Sheriff’s Department said. “I don’t know if he was concerned in a rumpus or if he only held partial of a assault. It’s my bargain that he had a laceration, so it might have been a blade wound. … Anytime we have that many shots fired, people are going to scatter. we don’t know what caused his laceration.”

Per a A-J, some-more than 20 rounds were dismissed from mixed vehicles around 1:30 a.m. Taylor told a paper that a second chairman was injured, though a injuries are not deliberate to be life-threatening. An occurrence news is approaching to be expelled Monday.

Grant is Texas Tech’s heading receiver. He has 50 catches for 629 yards and 5 touchdowns.

For some-more Texas Tech news, visit

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SanDisk owner Eli Harari to get tip US tech medal

Flash memory has revolutionized a information storage industry, and one of a tip pioneers of that revolution, Dr. Eli Harari, is to be respected by a US for his contributions to a fields of scholarship and technology. Harari, owner and late authority CEO of SanDisk, is to accept a National Medal of Technology and Innovation for his work in “bringing peep memory to craving storage and transforming a information core by assisting enterprises grasp high performance, low-latency information entrance and scalability,” SanDisk said, after Harari and 5 other winners met with US President Barack Obama, who announced a winners during a White House final week. The medals will be presented during a celebration eventuality after this year, a White House said.

Harari, along with a other winners, has “expanded a bargain of a world, finished useful contributions to their fields, and helped urge large lives,” Obama said. “Our republic has been enriched by their achievements and by all a scientists and technologists opposite America dedicated to discovery, inquiry, and invention.”

First awarded in 1985, a National Medal of Technology and Innovation (NMTI) is deliberate a tip respect for technological feat in a US, bestowed by a President of a United States on America’s heading innovators. Candidates can be nominated by anyone, and a cabinet of tip tech officials makes a decision, forwarding it to a boss for his approval.

SanDisk, now headquartered in California, was started by Harari and Jack Yuan and Sanjay Mehrotra 26 years ago, and most of a investigate and growth was finished in Israel. SanDisk was a initial to come adult with a blurb peep memory product, environment standards now in use opposite a far-reaching operation of digital devices, from computers to cameras to smartphones and tablets. SanDisk binds some-more than 5,000 patents worldwide, and has perceived only about each tech endowment and approval out there.

SanDisk owner Dr. Eli Harari (Photo credit: Courtesy)

SanDisk owner Dr. Eli Harari (Photo credit: Courtesy)

Flash is an increasingly renouned choice for information storage and archiving, replacing a some-more normal visual storage systems. With no relocating parts, peep storage media are most reduction disposed to violation down, need reduction power, and can be scaled down in distance to a distant larger border than a alternative. Without peep storage, it’s doubtful that smartphones, tablets, MP3 players, digital cameras, or any of a other consumer inclination so common currently would even exist. Although SanDisk did not invent flash, it was a initial association to ideal a use for a many consumer and business applications it is now used for – and most of that early investigate and growth was finished during SanDisk’s RD centers in Israel. Today, SanDisk has about 6,000 employees, 700 of them in Israel,

As such, SanDisk is an Israeli success – though it’s also an American achievement, a tip association central said. “The story of how flash storage was invented, developed, and finished accessible on a tellurian scale is mostly a story of SanDisk Corporation — an American success story that like many others began with one chairman and a vision. We’re now connected in ways that would not be probable but a technologies that Eli helped pioneer, and we’re good positioned to take on new marketplace segments such as craving information centers,” pronounced Mehrotra, co-founder, boss and CEO of SanDisk.

Agreeing with Obama, Mehrotra said Harari is a male who finished a peep series happen. “Eli has had a surpassing impact on a whole record landscape, and in doing so, has truly altered a universe as we experience it today,” he said. “His lifelong egghead and technical achievements are well-deserving of a National Medal of Technology and Innovation.”

Lack of tech support hobbled iPad beginning that helped move down LA schools …

A catastrophic record devise that helped force Los Angeles schools superintendent John Deasy’s resignation last week faltered in partial since of a miss of technical support, news reports say.

“A pivotal plea was a time compulsory to set adult inclination for particular users. Other problems arose from miss of technological willingness of schools (staff and infrastructure),” says a news by Los Angeles Unified School District consultant American Institute for Research.

That review found that propagandize staff operative on a $1.3 billion devise to send iPads to 30,490 students and 1,360 teachers during 47 campuses final year “needed to spend their time on technical troubleshooting rather than ancillary record formation into instruction in a initial year of implementation,” a Los Angeles Daily News reported.

The Madison Metropolitan School District is rising a $27 million beginning that by 2018-19 will yield any tyro in grades second by twelve with a wireless computing device. Students in kindergarten and initial class will have computing entrance during a 2 to 1 ratio of students to devices.

But a MMSD tech plan does not embody any additional technical support positions.

“We do need to make certain to have good technological support in place — it’s something we’ll have to monitor,” Andrew Statz, a district’s arch information and information record officer told a propagandize house early this year. But other propagandize districts going to 1 to 1 computing are not employing additional tech staff, Statz said.

Although now late propagandize house member Marj Passman suggested a ratio of tech support staff to inclination would turn bulky with a further of thousands of new devices, Statz pronounced things will be opposite since a new apparatus will be leased, not owned by a propagandize district.

“When we are looking during leased equipment, when something is inadequate with a equipment, partial of a franchise is replacing it,” he said. “We’ve also identified an event to emanate a march for students to take for credit that’s like a AV bar behind in a day — an event for students who are meddlesome to brand themselves, be supervised and get some genuine universe experience,” he said.

MMSD orator Rachel Strauch-Nelson reliable Friday that no new technical support positions are partial of a designed mechanism device phase-in.

The district’s tech devise is in a formulation proviso this year, with executive bureau staff operative with Gompers, Huegel, Shorewood, Sennett and Whitehorse schools on ways to interpose record into a classroom.

The investigate of iPad use in a Los Angeles propagandize district found that a inclination were not being used in many classrooms. The propagandize district is focusing on integrating a inclination into curriculum in this, a second year of a program, a Daily News reported.

The L.A. beginning also influenced debate over mislaid or stolen devices, students bypassing internet entrance filters and allegations of dispute of interest in constrictive for a devices.

Despite what some call a failure in Los Angeles, propagandize districts opposite a nation are stability with skeleton to put computing inclination in students’ hands.