Services We Offer

We provide service to meet the immediate objectives of our clients.

IT Audit and Planning

Our team has extensive experience with Technology Planning, but no plan is effective with an audit and assessment first. We provide Infrastructure, Application, EdTech, and Security audits focused on applicable standards, regulations, and laws. We provide Technology Planning from stakeholder engagement to ballot measures.

Digital Transformation

Digital objectives must be aligned to district, school, or organization strategy. We assist in streamlining processes, improving collaboration & communication, and enabling data based-decision making. We advise on web and social media for schools and districts. We ensure security and privacy are paramount.

Training and Professional Learning

We provide training in Microsoft O365, Teams, Google Suite, and EdTech tools. We work with both educators and EdTech companies to provide custom training that aligns technology supports with academic goals. We specialize in leadership development to align strategy, goals, and objectives.

EdTech Integration and Alignment

We help EdTech companies understand districts, schools, and their needs. We help with integration, cloud, security and privacy. We help align district, school, and community needs with the right digital solutions. We work with the district to ensure technology is aligned to the strategic plan, vision, and mission.