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AWS Cloud Adoption Framework screenshot

Digital transformation is a critical priority for businesses and public sector organizations as they strive to stay competitive, improve operational efficiency, and drive innovation. The cloud is a key enabler of digital transformation. It provides the scalability, agility, and cost-savings that organizations need to reimagine their business models and processes. Your cloud-powered transformation journey can start now.

However, embarking on a cloud transformation journey can be complex, with many organizational, technological, and operational considerations to navigate. That’s where the AWS Cloud Adoption Framework (CAF) comes in. The AWS CAF is a comprehensive, proven approach that helps organizations identify and prioritize transformation opportunities, evaluate their cloud readiness, and iteratively evolve their transformation roadmap.

The Four Perspectives of the AWS CAF

The AWS CAF outlines four key perspectives that organizations should consider as part of their cloud transformation:

  1. Business – Ensuring that cloud investments accelerate digital transformation and deliver desired business outcomes.
  2. People – Evolving the organization’s culture, skills, and ways of working to enable continuous growth and change.
  3. Governance – Orchestrating cloud initiatives, maximizing organizational benefits, and minimizing transformation risks.
  4. Platform – Accelerating the delivery of cloud workloads through an enterprise-grade, scalable, hybrid cloud environment.

Before diving too deeply, your team can complete the AWS Cloud Readiness Assessment. The results can help guide your next steps.

6 Foundational Capabilities

Additionally, the AWS CAF identifies six foundational capabilities that underpin successful cloud transformations:

  • Security
  • Operations
  • Technology
  • Process
  • Organization
  • Products

Realizing the Benefits of Cloud Transformation

According to the infographic, organizations that have adopted the AWS CAF have seen significant benefits, including:

  • 27% lower cost per user
  • 34% less downtime
  • 58% more virtual machines managed per admin
  • 37% fewer security events
  • 57% less time to deploy new code
  • 38% faster time to market for new features and applications

These improvements translate to reduced business risk, improved environmental, social, and governance (ESG) performance, increased revenue growth, and greater operational efficiency.

Getting Started With the AWS CAF

The AWS CAF provides a structured approach to guide organizations through the key stages of their cloud transformation journey, as outlined below.

Transform Incrementally
Envision - Identify and prioritize transformation opportunities aligned with strategic objectives.

Align - Identify capability gaps and cross-organizational dependencies.

Launch - Deliver pilots in production and demonstrate incremental business value.

Scale - Expand pilots to desired scale and ensure sustainable business benefits.

To learn more about the AWS CAF and how it can help accelerate your cloud-powered transformation journey, download the infographic and e-book, then reach out to Tech Reformers to discuss how we can help guide your journey.